Book Release:

"Skater Creator" by Brooke Craig

Text by Anna-Selina Kager, 17 November 2019

Skating has positively transformed many lives; generations before us and generations to come. To us skaters it is a lifestyle, which we fully immerse ourselves in and which evolves around us at the same time. The community is a strong reflection of the benefits we draw from skateboarding. Part of this community are the Mums and Dads that spend countless hours to help us pick a skateboard at a shop, encourage us to keep going when things seem impossible, and sometimes even travel with us so we can attend events to show off our skills and share good times with fellow skateboarders. All this is an enormous process of growth and we love nothing more than to see how longboarding can add value to individuals and family relationships.

One amazing Skate Mum has brought her journey of connecting with her son and seeing him grow within the sport to paper. Brooke Craig has not only collated her thoughts, experiences, ups and downs in her new book ‘Skater Creator’, she also invited other Skater Creators to contribute their perspectives and stories to the book.

Brooke’s son Zane is an avid downhill skateboarder and has been an integral part of our community for several years. While seeing him become the inspiring person he is today, we celebrated, we crashed, we laughed and we practiced alongside each other. Zane has been recognised for being a positive role model and the glue of our community by us last year as he is always eager to introduce new people to the sport and to make it to literally every single Longboard Family Inc. (formerly known as The Brisbane Longboard Family) event over the past years.

“ I am a Skate Mum and I wouldn’t want to be anything else. 

- Brooke Craig -

“I am a Skate Mum and I wouldn’t want to be anything else”, says Brooke while also discussing her inner conflict of wanting to support Zane and his passion, and her concerns for his safety. Downhill skateboarding sounds crazy to some, although once people understand how we train and how precisely you can control your board, they start to understand it as a sport like any other that requires athleticism and determination to perform at your best.


If you are a Skater Creator or curious about the thoughts and stories of some of our very own Australian Skate Mums and Dads, you can order a copy of Brooke’s book by filling in the below form. All funds will go towards supporting the Australian Skateboard Racing Association (ASRA).

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