Our Committee


Anna-Selina Kager

President & Founder

Operational Management,

Events & Communications

Coming from a communications background with more than 10 years experience working in the not for profit sector, Anna has long chosen to dedicate her life to the benefit of others. She has worked with indigenous and non-indigenous communities in Southeast Asia, assisting vulnerable people to overcome challenges. While working tirelessly to support and grow the community sustainably, Anna is passionate about participatory leadership. This passion led her to build two organisations in co-creation with the community based on a collaborative and inclusive approach to achieving goals together.

Having lived with depression and anxiety as a teenager, Anna has found therapeutic aspects in longboarding and has since wanted to share these benefits with other people affected by ill mental health. Anna is also a sponsored longboarder, has a background in psychology and is now actively promoting longboarding as a sport that can be conducive to people's mental wellbeing. Drawing on her own experience Anna strongly believes in the social benefits of alternative sports as they enable people to make social connections and build community resilience in a less competitive environment. For her it is the cognitive learning and processing of skills in connection with positive relationships and a safe environment that can give strength and purpose to people's lives.

Anna also volunteers with the State Emergency Service and with the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women at Schoolies each year to ensure young people can have a safe and enjoyable time while celebrating their graduation.


Peter Zeniou


Coaching & Event Innovation

Peter has been in the freeride and downhill skateboarding scene for over four years, and involved with Longboarding Family for two.


Having attended countless events hosted by former BLF himself, he sees the true value in recruiting new, young skaters into the nurturing arms of our community.


This passion is what drives him to become a better coach and board member, and spread the same opportunities he has experienced through Longboard Family Inc.

MichaelEnglish_Portrait (1).jpeg

Michael English

Vice-President & Co-Founder

Program Development

& Human Resources

With his professional background as Health, Physical Education and Science Teacher, Michael is a valuable part of the Longboard Family. He brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience to the team and is all about building and supporting sustainable communities.


While passionately contributing professional advice and training to the team, Michael is developing and constantly enhancing learning programs for longboarders of all ages. He pays significant attention to equal opportunities and empowerment through our programs.

For his own professional development Michael actively engages in research and training, and is regularly invited as guest lecturer at the University of Queensland.

Michael strongly advocates for sustainable transport with a focus on healthy life choices and sustainability to prevent non communicable diseases in our society and protect the land on which we work, play and live.

Michael is a professional longboarder with more than seven years experience in downhill skateboarding and has participated in multiple competitions nationally and internationally. His passion for this sport defines his professional and private life. Michael’s personal aim is to create awareness and be a good role model for other skateboarders.


Cobi Vrenegoor

Acting Treasurer

Coaching & Event Support

As an Environmental Scientist, Cobi’s academic background represents his holistic outlook on the function of communities and the environments we surround ourselves with, and how they impact on the psychological and physical well-being of individuals.


Having a keen interest in community-centric initiatives, he believes that by coming together as a community we can contribute to and create beautiful, progressive outcomes.


With a long-time passion for downhill skateboarding, Cobi has translated what he has learned from the sport into his lifestyle, encompassing dedication, confidence, humility and resilience.

Cobi understands well the impact our lifestyles can have on our mental health. Just as longboarding has opened an avenue of physical exertion and mental conditioning, it has equally unlocked a door of creative expression, which Cobi believes so many of us have left closed.


Cobi hopes that the inclusiveness of longboarding can reach out to those who want to participate and grow as it did for him.

Advisory Board


Jacky Madenfrost

Growth Advisor & Support Coach

Jacky has been involved in the community ever since she started longboarding back in 2009.

In 2010 she founded a worldwide female movement called Longboard Girls Crew. A community which aim is to give women exposure in a male dominated sport.

Jacky managed and coordinated one of the largest female longboarding film productions in 2013. The documentary 'Open' was filmed in Israel, with the help of Longboarding for Peace. While over there, Jacky volunteered to teach Palestinian and Israeli children how to longboard as a tool for integration.


Jacky strongly believes that this sport can help children, young people and adults to gain self confidence. She also advocates for longboarding as a social sport as it is a great way to be socially active within the community. 


Chus Asensio

Technical Advisor & Event Support

Chus is a Digital Craftsman and specialises in multi-platform websites and apps. Besides his many technically talents he is a passionate longboarder who co-founded one of the largest communities in the scene, Longboard Girls Crew.

Giving further exposure to the sport, Chus passionately organised events and collaborated in other community initiatives.


Chus worked with the Art Surf Camp in Galicia in Spain for three summers to teach longboarding to children and adults from beginners to advance levels.


Chus loves the way this sport can positively impact the community by bringing people together and providing them with opportunities to gain a positive perspective in life.