About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to create healthier and safer futures for our community by connecting them to purpose, people and possibilities through longboarding.

Longboard Family Inc. is a not for profit organisation, which focuses on mental and physical wellbeing of all community members as well as on community safety. We do this by:

  1. Providing targeted programs to prevent or control ill mental health by utilising longboarding as a tool to engage individuals and groups in mindfulness practices and outdoor recreation.

  2. Providing access to programs that prevent or control abusive behaviour, such as domestic and family violence as well as juvenile offences and alcohol and drug abuse.

  3. Re-engaging at risk youth in community-based activities and employment through work placements and other opportunities.

  4. Facilitating access to recreational and preventative health activities through strong community partnerships.

Drawing from many years of experience and research in the field we strongly believe longboarding can improve mental wellbeing and bring purpose to people’s lives.

Our Vision

We believe everyone has the right to access activities, which contribute to their safety, purpose and mental and physical wellbeing. Our vision is to create a space in which people from all backgrounds and all abilities can enjoy the outdoors together on four wheels in a safe and non-judgemental environment.


To ensure this is possible we base our vision on a set of three major objectives and goals. Scroll down and find out more about them or contact us.

Our Objectives

Focusing on our contributions to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals we have identified the below objectives to build sustainable capacity and suit the needs of our community.​