2020 Social Skateboarding

Survey Results

Text by Anna-Selina Kager, 15 January 2021

Over the past years we and many other similar organisations across the globe have re-invented their focus to create positive change within our communities. The shift that has taken place is visible in the way individuals and groups of skateboarders worldwide respond to programs just like ours. Putting an emphasis on supporting the basic needs of people accessing our services and programs contributes to more sustainable growth of skateboarding as a community and professional sport.

We have seen projects pop up in several countries aiming to grow their local communities by promoting equality, developing life skills and supporting mental health.

As a not for profit organisation we heavily rely on support from other national and international organisations and individuals. Since 2018 we are also an active part of the Pushing Boarders Alliance and participate in webinars, mentoring as well as their annual surveys.

After collating data from all around the world, Pushing Boarders have now published the full report showcasing data of 117 social skateboarding projects and their missions in 61 countries.

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